We have many new items! Banana Splits, Hot fudge, Strawberry, and Pineapple Sundaes! Our July Specials are Pina Colada AKA "A LOTTA COLADA" and Smores Crazy Shakes! July 10th we will begin Harry Potter Week featuring our Butter Beer CRAZY Shake! $10



What We Do

What’s Shaken specializes in fun “crazy” shakes! Hand crafted from the inside out with all your favorite flavors. Each shake is served in its own unique glass with random song lyrics! Who knows which you will get! That’s part of the fun! We strive to create a fun and safe atmosphere for all ages.

We have indoor and outdoor seating along with take out.

Who We Are

What’s Shaken all came about during quarantine! Yep! We spent months perfecting our recipes and creating fun and exciting milkshakes! These gourmet milkshakes are bound to make you smile! If your suffering from the Corona blues come visit Whats Shaken where we take great pride in making sure our customers are Happy!

Chocolate Clutch
Cotton Candy Crave Sundae
Baby Shark bowl
Peanut Butter Lover
Orange Ya Glad You Ordered This?!