Happy New Year! 2022 is going to be filled with tons of awesome creations including, January specials which are a Hot Fudge Crazy Shake, Inspired Disney Frozen and inspired Universal Minions! Photos will be shared soon! Thank you!


Disney Inspired Frozen! Vanilla Marshmallow flavor topped with a Magical wand, ice cotton candy and a chocolate covered magical marshmallow.

What We Do

What’s Shaken specializes in fun “crazy” shakes! Hand crafted from the inside out with all your favorite flavors. Each shake is 16oz and can be served in a Whats Shaken souvenir mug. We strive to create a fun and safe environment for all ages! As our customers say “This isn’t just a shake it’s an experience”!

We have indoor and outdoor seating along with take out.

Who We Are

What’s Shaken all came about during quarantine! Yep! We spent months perfecting our recipes and creating fun and exciting milkshakes! These gourmet milkshakes are bound to make you smile! If your suffering from the Corona blues come visit Whats Shaken where we take great pride in making sure our customers are Happy!

Hot Fudge Frenzy Crazy Shake! Vanilla ice cream smothered in Hot fudge and topped with whip cream, brownie, nuts and a cherry.
Bed Rock Blizzard
Peanut Butter Lover
Italian Affogato
Chocolate Clutch